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Unlock the Hidden Potential: Supercharge Your Music with Unmatched Clarity, Vibrancy, and Irresistible Energy

Movie and Commercial Sound Scoring

I am a professional sound designer and music composer. I have been working with clients all over the world. If you are looking for custom sound effects, you came to the right place. All of the libraries I work with have high- definition quality audio; I will provide you with sound effects for movies, trailers, games, and videos.

No two works of mine are created alike, there is no cookie cutter solution to great sound design; every project is meticulously focused on & crafted to vivd detail bringing out the best aspects of your video. All whilst using the best technologies & softwares available for music creation, with an huge library of the top Foley, FX, & movie ready sounds used in the industry. Did I mention all samples are cleared for commercial use!

You know that great sounds can make your content immersive, memorable, and addictive. Well, let me help you deliver that experience. Choosing the proper sound effects make a difference.

For: films, short films, trailers, games, animations, cartoons, commercials, podcasts, media.

Estimated Prices

Length: 8 min Price: $125

Length: 30 min Price: $500

Length: 60 min Price: $1300

Length: 90+ min Price: $3000+

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