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Who is Apollo Ace?

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'Apollo Ace' was created from pure entropy; Officially born 2021; Five months after he nearly died in a violent car accident and one month after his closest friend died. Apollo grew up in a wicked environment and never had the resources, time, or friends to reach out for help that he desperately needed. 

Creating music was his savior, his escape, his friend he could talk to about anything - you could say it was a type of therapy. In those moments of creation everything else would fade away; somehow always seeming to find the words, thoughts, melodies, & feelings pouring out without any control; Because in those moments he became a vessel to his deepest thoughts & emotions, that never had the ears or means to express themselves.

Armed with nothing more than Logic Pro and a cheap mic, Apollo Ace has the power of what he can create & makes up for the lack of resources with his hard work ethic and perseverance. Apollo Ace hopes to inspire others in doing the same!


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