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The Story Behind the Music

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A 'roommate' at Apollo's house threatened to stab him because he thought Apollo had everything easy, served to him on a silver spoon;

With this threats basis being the furthest thing from the truth, it helped Apollo realized his reality was cluttered with mental illness in its prime & he had no other choice other than to rise above it all. Apollo Literally slept with knife under his bed for three weeks after the incident. Apollo discontinued sleeping on knifes after he was able to buy and instal a locks on his door...

Growing up in a problematic house with diagnosed/textbook Narcissists, Sociopaths, & Psychopaths; it's a miracle he managed to stay alive with a sound mind. Always struggling with money, working 2-3 jobs at any given time of the year, Apollo Ace never had the resources, time, or friends to reach out too for help that he desperately needed. 

Creating music was that help; it was his savior, his escape, his friend he could talk to about anything- you could say it was his therapy, in a way. In those moments of creation everything else would fade away; somehow always seeming to find the words, thoughts, melodies, & feelings pouring out without any control; Because in those moments he became a vessel to his deepest thoughts & emotions, that never had the ears or means to express themselves. Often bringing a feeling of relief & as if a weight was lifted off his shoulders afterwards. It just felt right.

One day at work , Apollo's friend Brett overheard him working on lyrics for a ‘chapter’ he was trying to close/relieve; To Apollo Ace’s surprise his co-worker reacted like a mad man; It was surprising that he would keep something like this from his friends. Apollo Ace explains to Brett how they aren't really made for people or anyone for that matter; They are made for his peace of mind & not something that he wants to share with strangers or friends.. To Brett It sounded unorthodox, because most people were creating music with hopes that the world would hear, but Apollo Ace seemed to be hiding them from the world. Apollo explained how most songs he made were conflicts he had finally closed a chapter on & that he did not want to revisit. Creating music was something he had to do & will always do; its purely therapeutic & healing for him + his soul. His co-worker literally slapped him across the face and said, dude do you know how selfish that is! Do you realize how many people this could give peace of mind too, how many people this could be healing for besides yourself!? Brett went on about how Apollo Ace is actually doing a disservice to himself and the world by hoarding these beautiful, vulnerable pieces of art! 


Apollo Ace’s friend died that same night on the way home from work, causing Apollo to think about this interaction for months on end; Apollo had never thought that his ‘therapy sessions’(music creations) could be helping others achieve some type of relief too. Years have gone by since this exchange with Brett & not a day passed where Apollo didn't think of the interaction he had with his friend that night. Eventually Apollo Ace decided it was in fact a disservice & pondered about how right Brett was; Wishing his friend could be here too see the impact that night had on Apollo’s life.

Who is Apollo Ace? Whats His Story?

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